Jun 29 2010

Gallery Page

w00t! A nascent gallery page has been added. I’ll be developing it some more soon.

Jun 28 2010

Construction Begins

First post …

This will eventually be my portfolio site, but for right now it is a very bare bones sort of blog.  I know what will spruce up this place …


ninja splat pic

There, that’s much better.

Anyone who knows me well, knows about my love of ninjas.  Pirates can get bent.  My brother deqlan is the pirate fan of the family.  Strangely enough, we’ve never had a good pirates vs ninjas conversation.  Perhaps we are above that shit.  (hmm first swear-word.  I guess this is gonna be a mature audiences blog 🙂

This particular ninja was drawn for a roleplaying game, and that game is Pathfinder, what is probably the spiritual successor of Dungeons and Dragons.  What does that mean?  Well, its a long story.  Sufficed to say I am a big Paizo/pathfinder fan, and wanted to add to the game my own home-brewed ninja class.  Every class in every RPG book has a neat picture attached to it, which are affectionally called “splat pics”.  So my ninja class, which I had excruciatingly worked on, what was to be my perfect ninja class for this new version of Dungeons and Dragons needed- no, DEMANDED a splat pic.  I only hope I have done it justice…

I’ve done quite a few of these home made classes lately, as RPGs have been hobby/borderline obsession for nigh unto 20 years now (approximately as long as I have loved ninjas).  They have fueled my art for that long, providing imagery and context for my sketches and doodles.  I have no doubt that many of my future posts will be pictures to follow crunchy homerules for my one giant nerd-hobby.